Friday, November 26, 2010

The Chumscrubber (2005)

Dean is a disaffected teenager living in a California suburb that's beautiful on the surface but populated by families who live emotionally vacant lives, with the parents often too wrapped up in their own problems to pay attention to their children. One day, Dean discovers his best (and only) friend, Troy, has killed himself. While Troy's mother hasn't figured out her son is dead just yet, Dean opts not to tell her, and besides, his own parents don't appear very concerned. Dean, however, does have reason to worry -- Billy, Lee, and Crystal are three bullies who used to buy drugs from Troy, and they want Dean find Troy's remaining stash and give it to them. When Dean refuses to cooperate, the bullies decide to get tough and kidnap Dean's little brother; however, they end up taking the wrong child and Dean grudging finds himself trying to rescue a child he doesn't know. Meanwhile, as the adults in the neighborhood begin to emotionally implode, "the Chumscrubber" becomes a common presence in town -- a comic book and video game character represented by a decapitated post-apocalyptic teenager who has become an unavoidable pop-culture icon.

Director: Arie Posin
Writers: Arie Posin (story) and Zac Stanford (screenplay)
Stars: Jamie Bell, Camilla Belle and Lou Taylor Pucci
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