Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Buried (2007)

When Oliver Whynacht inherits his estranged father's funeral home, he discovers it is almost bankrupt. After a night of drinking with Roberta Knickel, he kills a local man with his truck. Roberta, who is both the local coroner and funeral home embalmer, helps Oliver stage the body so that it appears like an accident. However, when suspicion is raised that the death may not be accidental, Oliver and Roberta realize that they have to kill again. This need to hide their first crime and to keep the funeral home in business, find Oliver and Roberta falling in love and participating in a series of "accidental" deaths.

Director: Chaz Thorne
Writer: Chaz Thorne
Stars: Jay Baruchel, Rose Byrne and Sergio Di Zio
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