Saturday, February 12, 2011

Die You Zombie Bastards! (2005)

Thrill to the mayhem that ensues when ever-lovable serial killer Red Toole sets off on a globe-trotting quest in search of his missing wife, the lovely Violet -- caught in the clutches of the evil Baron Nefarious who, of course, plans to conquer the world (or something) by turning everyone into mindless zombie slaves! See! A serial-killer superhero with a cape made of human flesh! Hear! Legendary one-man band & rockabilly pioneer Hasil Adkins! Smell! Scalding, molten cheese disfiguring pert young bodies! Hear! An exclusive and eclectic rock 'n' roll soundtrack!

Director: Caleb Emerson
Writers: Caleb Emerson and Haig Demarjian
Stars: Tim Gerstmar, Geoff Mosher and Pippi Zornoza
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