Saturday, July 2, 2011

Four Lions (2010)

Omar is a devout Muslim living in the United Kingdom who has decided to form a terrorist cell to bring forth a jihad against a culture he believes is dominated by the sinful and ignorant. However, Omar isn't much of leader, and he's assembled an unimpressive team of fellow terrorists, among them Waj, who lacks the brainpower to come up with ideas or direction on his own; Faisal, who is shy and doesn't have much to say; and Barry, a recent convert to Islam who tries to make up for his lack of practical knowledge with fierce passion. As Omar and his comrades debate both doctrine and methods, they ponder such notions as using birds as explosive devices, creating videos with a hip-hop flavor, and attacking mosques in an effort to provoke nonviolent Muslims. But are Omar and his partners a legitimate threat to the safety of Great Britain, or just four half-bright twentysomethings with more bluster than imagination?

Director: Christopher Morris
Writers: Christopher Morris and Simon Blackwell
Stars: Will Adamsdale, Riz Ahmed and Adeel Akhtar
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