Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)

Will Graham is a former London gangster who moved out to the country after suffering a breakdown of some sort. He works clearing forests, and lives out of his van, until he loses his job over a lack of proper documentation. Meanwhile, Will's younger brother, Davey, is enjoying his life as a womanizing man about town, and dabbling in drug dealing, until one night, when an older man, Boad, has him followed and brutally assaults him. The traumatized Davey returns home and takes his own life. Will, uncertain as to where to go, finds himself drawn back to London, where he learns of Davey's death from Mrs. Barz, his landlady. Will investigates what happened that night with his old friend, Mickser. As Will tries to piece together what happened, he goes to visit Helen, his former lover, who is less than thrilled to see him after he abandoned her years earlier and eventually cut off all contact. The current neighborhood crime boss, Turner, knows what Will is capable of, and sees him as a threat. Eventually, Will uncovers the truth, and is faced with the unpleasant prospect of avenging Davey's death.

Director: Mike Hodges
Writer: Trevor Preston
Stars: Clive Owen, Malcolm McDowell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
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