Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Million Dollar Hotel (2001)

Tom Tom takes a flying leap off the roof of the Million Dollar Hotel, an ironically titled dive in the seedy section of L.A. Told in an extended flashback, Tom Tom recounts the murder investigation of a down-and-out artist and son of a media mogul, Izzy Goldkiss, who also fell off the hotel. FBI special agent Skinner, sporting a neck brace, looks into the death only to discover that the building is teeming with weirdos and losers. There is Vivien, who claims to be the fiancée of the rock star; Geronimo, a huckster trying to make a buck by selling Izzy's abstract painting; Eloise, a burned out prostitute with a passion for intellectual literature; and Dixie, who swears up and down that he is the fifth Beatle. As the film progresses, Skinner proves to be just as much of a freak as the hotel tenets -- he was born with a third arm that was surgically removed from his back.

Director: Wim Wenders
Writers: Bono (story) and Nicholas Klein (screenplay)
Stars: Jeremy Davies, Milla Jovovich and Mel Gibson
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