Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

Followed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2004). The year is 1969, and despite the fact that the Vietnam War is raging halfway across the globe, all is ominously quiet on the back roads of America. Eighteen-year-old Dean Hill has just received his draft notice, and his older brother, Eric, is determined to watch out for his younger sibling by ensuring that Dean enroll in the Marine Corps rather than risking his luck at the local induction center. Dean has other plans, though, and as soon as the pair and their girlfriends, Bailey and Chrissie, return from their final fling in sunny Texas, he plans to confront his brother with the prospect of dodging the draft. When an unsettling encounter with malevolent bikers Holden and Alex results in a serious car accident in which Chrissie is thrown from the vehicle, the arrival of Sheriff Hoyt at first appears to be a moment of divine intervention. However, when Sheriff Hoyt murders thieving Alex in cold blood and then shepherds her friends into the back of his police cruiser as Chrissie watches from the brush, their momentary reprieve soon gives way to an unimaginable terror. As Hoyt transports her ailing friends to the Hewitt home, where a childlike man named Thomas is currently undergoing the transformation into cannibalistic madman Leatherface, a desperate Chrissie attempts to enlist the aid of Holden in rescuing her friends from a fate worse than death.

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Writers: Sheldon Turner
Stars: Jordana Brewster, Matt Bomer and Diora Baird
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