Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sheitan (2006)

It's Christmas Eve, and twentysomethings Bart, Ladj, Thai, and Yasmine are bored and looking for fun. They end up at a rowdy dance club where, after Bart gets into a fight, they meet Eve, a sexy girl who seems to take a liking to the three guys. Eve invites the foursome to come back to her place in the country; the guys are more than game, and Yasmine tags along for the ride. Eve's house is a ramshackle mansion overflowing with broken plastic dolls and looked after by Joseph, a cheerful but subnormal handyman whose pregnant wife spends most of her time upstairs. Before long, some of Eve's friends from town come by, and while the women are sexually accommodating, Yasmine soon gets the feeling something is wrong, and in time the guys reach the same conclusion. Joseph's topics of conversation become downright creepy as he talks in great detail about incest and Satanism with his guests, and Christmas Day devolves into an orgy of violence and perversity.

Director: Kim Chapiron
Writers: Christian Chapiron and Kim Chapiron
Stars: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthelemy and Roxane Mesquida
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